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Order Timing

All of my items listed are ♥MADE TO ORDER♥ and are subject to the turnaround time in the listings unless otherwise stated in the title of the listing. This timeline will start after payment has cleared. Once it is completed, I will then follow the shipping guidelines stated in my policies unless otherwise mentioned in a message to the buyer. For larger orders, 5 items or more, add 1 week to turnaround time and 10 items or more, add 2 weeks to turnaround time.

On occasion, I may have ♥ADDITIONAL♥ turnaround times added. To check for this, please see the shop announcement, policies and/or your invoice message.

Production times may seem long for certain items. This is due to the way I prioritize my orders. Once a purchase is made that invoice receives a due date. The due date is calculated by taking the item with the longest turnaround time and counting out the days that follow the payment clearing.